Wednesday, 24 August 2011

UNIQUE CAPTURE: who knew photos could be so much fun!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris from Unique Capture per chance when I stood in for someone at a local business meeting. He mentioned he was a photographer, and had cool business cards, so I decided to have a chat (not being that shy of a camera myself!)

They said they hadn't had a triathlete in their studios and invited me over to have some shots taken. Don't mind if I do... ;) I was told to bring over the bike, turbo trainer, trisuit, wet suit, and any other gismos, and was informed that it was ok, he had a paddling pool and they could get me all wet! (jeez I thought, what am I getting myself into here hahahah)

I had seen some of the photos they had taken (neatly and cunningly placed on the back of their very cool business cards) so I knew whatever happened it would be a brilliant outcome.

Having never been in a proper studio before it was a fascinating experience to say the least! They have a large room, styled out in several ways, gothic bedroom, modern lounge, white area, black area and the much talked about paddling pool!

We started with the bike on the turbo, and I was actually quite startled how close the camera was at times. It took me a while to realise they did actually want me to look at it! Will even had me cornering (yep - riding... the room wasnt that big in reality!) and wanted me to lean over while doing it too, with a short run up from the foot of the bed! I am not so sure that one worked out hahahah.

Next was the run, and its tricky to be dynamic while faking it inside a studio! So I ended up simulating T2, shoes on and away!

The most fun though, was the water. I'm not sure if it was fun for them or for me more,.... actually, I think they had way too much fun!! I have to admit, the hose pipe from up a step ladder does create a great effect and apparently baby oil makes for a better wet photo! But, have you ever tried looking into a camera while covered in baby oil and being hosed in the face? Hahahah... it aint easy to look anything other than half blinded!

My most memorable moment... When they asked me to pretend to dive off the coffee table!!

All in all, it was a great afternoon, full of lots of laughs, and Chris and Will are two absolutely great blokes who put you right at ease, and then get the absolute best from you.

I wouldn't hesitate for a moment in recommending them, and no matter what the occasion, you will get brilliant photos coupled with a stunning service.

for the full set of photos, go to my web site (flash player required)

Uniquecapture have agreed a
50% discount for any athletes wanting a similar photo-shoot experience and some amazing shots. A 3 hour photo-shoot at the Milton Keynes studio, including 20 hand edited shots similar to the ones they have done for me will cost you £250 (normal price £500)

Chris and Will can be contacted by email or by telephone at 01908 227755 

And to end... a great little video the guys created using a time lapse camera. Fabulous!

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